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By Dale DeBakcsy

The Cartoon History of Humanism

Volume One: Antiquity to Enlightenment

It's's popular comic series, The Cartoon History of Humanism, now in book form!


With extra bonus comics, The Cartoon History of Humanism follows the adventures of Dave, who carelessly made fun of a logical positivist when he was a child. As punishment, the logical positivist cursed Dave to wander time and space to converse with humanist philosophers until he learned his lesson.


On his journey, Dave meets an array of famous skeptics, atheists, writers and thinkers who have all influenced humanist philosophy. Readers will no doubt recognize familiar figures such as David Hume, Baruch Spinoza, John Stuart Mill and Leonardo DaVinci. But they may also be surprised to find that Mark Twain, Karl Marx, Mary Ann Evans (pen name George Eliot) and King Ashoka all influenced humanist thought as well. Additionally, audiences can learn more about humanist thinkers such as Arabic philosopher Ibn Rushd, Italian Renaissance leader Isabella d'Esta and Nineteenth Century novelist Fanny Lewald, among numerous others.


Through Dave's humorous time-traveling adventures, DeBakcsy weaves the compelling history of humanist ethics and the brave individuals who defied the religious authorities of their time periods to advance rationality and freethought. The Cartoon History of Humanism is an excellent read for anyone who's looking for an accessible and fun book to acquaint them with humanism, and it will also be a delight to committed humanists who are seeking a fresh and engaging perspective on their familiar philosophical views.







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Dale DeBakcsy is the author and illustrator of the bi-weekly column Women in Science at, the first two years of which have been collected in book form as The Illustrated Women in Science.  He is also the creator of The Cartoon History of Humanism series at and is the writer of the Great Lives series for Free Inquiry Magazine.  He is a regular contributor to Philosophy Now, American Atheist Magazine and Skeptical Inquirer.  Since 2007, he and Geoffrey Schaeffer have co-written the historical webcomic Frederick the Great: A Most Lamentable Comedy Breaching Time and Space.  His first collection of essays, Godless Nerdistry, is available on Amazon.  His favorite Avenger is Thor.

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