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By George Land

and Beth Jarman

Nature’s Hidden Force

George Land and Beth Jarman give us a stunning new take on the old science vs. spirituality debate. They begin by demolishing one of the sacred cows of physics: “entropy,” the idea that the universe is irreversibly headed toward a whimpering “heat death.” Using rigorous scientific methods, they show that the universe isn’t falling apart after all – it’s getting better, all the time!


They next take on Einstein’s theory of relativity, explaining in simple terms how quantum mechanics describes a universe that isn’t a giant clockwork, but something far more profound – a combination of past cause and “Future Pull.”


What does all this science have to do with spirituality? Everything! Land and Jarman label nature’s impulse for overcoming entropy and pulling us into the future “Creative Connecting.” A force as scientifically real and demonstrable as gravity, and far more worthy of “reverence” than any ghost dreamed up by an ancient religion. Think of your most memorable moments of deep spirituality: watching a sunset, being moved by music … That powerful feeling you experience is “being at one with the universe.” In other words, a sense of “connecting.” What’s the best part of religious teaching? “Love thy neighbor” – more “connecting.”


Land and Jarman prove that you don’t have to give up on science to be truly spiritual – you just have to get it right. And you don’t have to be ashamed of your spiritual side if you want to live your life according to empirical reality – you just have to revere the force in nature that really exists.





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What Readers Say

George Land is the author of the best-selling Grow or Die: The Unifying Principle of Transformation, and a consultant to dozens of Fortune 500 companies.


Beth Jarman has been a state legislator, a cabinet secretary in two states, and CEO of The Farsight Group.

What Readers Are Saying

Ing. Othon Canales, Ph.D., CEO, Chemicorp: “The book is simply sublime and truly gives hope and opportunity to our much damaged world and society!  Thank you both very much for a superb work and God bless you.”


Dr. Michael Schuster, M.D., President, Center for Professional Development. “I'm digesting ... the implications of this are enormous. I have already used the concepts in three speeches I have given.”


Dr. Sanford Danzigger M.D., MPH, President, TRP Enterprises: "I've been digesting the incredible effect the book has had on me personally, and pondering the positive effect it will have on others. The lyrics of Over the Rainbow say,  "Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high, there's a land that I heard of, once in a lullaby.”  The book makes that land – that state of mind – real; that dim vision we have had, perhaps as a child at bedtime, real. … Some may say ‘How great that science can validate/support spirituality.’ Perhaps the truer statement is that that is the purpose of science, just as that is the purpose of art, politics, education, religion, business.  All show that we are spirit, were we but to look at them with that in mind. The book is eye-opening and uplifting as well as grounded and grounding. It is an example of how science fosters consciousness and how consciousness allows us to see science in its true light and purpose. The research is clear. The logic is step-by-step and allows the reader to know that he/she can follow, and participate in, and resolve what were thought to be the knottiest of human problems/dilemmas. It is our birthright to know the information that this book contains.”


Ing. Angel Sanchez Ph. D. President, Indica Corporation: "After so many years of research and tenacious curiosity they have made the most profound discoveries I have ever seen about the Universe, Nature and Life. Their book must be read by any human who really wants to know the answers to some of the most fundamental questions of his/her life, such as: What is the inmost purpose of the Universe? What is the driving force of the Universe? Does life have a meaning and what is the meaning of my life? Why are we here? How does nature really work and expresses Creativity? And what can we learn from nature to improve our creative thinking to lead the creative change that the world needs?”


David Wilkinson, Pastor, St Francis in the Foothills, Tucson Arizona: “The book is timely, inspiring, to the point, and clearly written for all to understand the forces at work in pulling us into "a yet larger room" of consciousness and cooperation.  I have much to say about it ... all of it supportive. I am thrilled to be one of the first readers of this inspiring work.”


Beth Ames Swartz, internationally recognized artist: “This new book you have recently written puts it all together and finally tells us in a readable and concise way what everyone needs to know. This book gives us hope for a better future and a more optimistic view of how life really works!!! Thank you for writing this book. I want everyone, everywhere to read it and rejoice!!!”


Bill Schwarz, President, The CEO Alliance: “Thanks so much for the work you are doing and the wisdom that you add to the world. You are a treasure.”


Susan M. Campbell, Ph.D., author of Getting Real and From Chaos to Confidence: “This is a really fun, exciting, and mind-bending read! As former Co-Director of the Institute for the Study of Conscious Evolution, I have always had a passion for discovering how we humans can co-create a sane, humane, and mutually beneficial future. In Nature's Hidden Force, authors George Land and Beth Jarman have given us a blueprint for how to do this.  Drawing from emerging paradigms in science and the great spiritual traditions, they weave a compelling picture of how the Universe works and how we humans can meet the challenges of our time by re-connecting with our innate creativity and cooperating with the laws of Nature. This is a must read for anyone seeking to live an inspired, creative, and purposeful life. I recommend it highly.”


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