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By Stephen Frederick Uhl

Leap of Honesty - Priest to Atheist

Faithful Catholic priest become atheist psychologist shows how he himself shucked and how the reader can enjoy shucking childhood prejudices and superstitions to thrill to rational friendliness in our pluralistic planetary society. This book could have been titled The Book of Tolerance. The psychologist author recognizes that each of us learned a lot of traditions and beliefs when too young to evaluate them. Such prejudices are very deeply ingrained into the subconscious. Therefore they are often most difficult to overcome even in adult years and with further experience and education. (Dr. Uhl was already in his 30s when he finally got free; many people never get free.) Each of us grows up and learns to analyze and think critically at different speeds. Even in the same family one sibling may remain highly opinionated and prejudiced, stuck in the past, while another thoughtfully unlearns childhood myths and becomes a broadminded adult. Therefore, tolerance of such differing rates of learning and unlearning is necessary for civilized peace good friendships in a pluralistic society. Such patient understanding is less difficult when one follows the new Golden Rule: Treat others as you would reasonably want and expect them to treat you if your roles were reversed. The thrilling details of an exciting journey with our planetary neighbors are clearly laid out in the little book, Leap of Honesty - Priest to Atheist. A generous sprinkling of earthy humor richly seasons this revolutionary book for enjoyable spiritual nourishment.


The printed book version is titled Out of God's Closet. Previously published as Imagine No Superstition.


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