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By Michael Werner

Unitarians: "Destined for Extinction?"

Once one of America’s most influential Protestant denominations, the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) has imploded over the past 40 years, shrinking to 0.51% of the population. Why? Former AHA president Michael Werner ticks off the reasons, from a fuzzy obsession with pluralism to a disdain for the Humanist values that drove the UUA’s rise to prominence in the first place. “Follow the money,” Werner urges, as he analyzes one policy failure after another. Regaining Balance - The Evolution of the UUA is not an obituary for the UUA, but a prescription for recovery. The UUA is a proud institution that retains valuable human assets, carefully catalogued by Werner, that can seize the opportunity presented by today’s sea change in religious attitudes if it will get back to its Humanist roots.


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